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2015 Yamaha Viking Street Legal Kit

Go where your heart wants with a Yamaha Viking Street Legal Kit or a Yamaha Viking Road Legal Kit from Everything Yamaha Offroad. You can purchase individual Yamaha Viking components homologated for the road, such as turn signals, illuminated license plate holders and mirrors, or you can get all-in-one Yamaha Viking road approval sets to make your platform 100% compliant! Despite the rebellious nature of UTV ownership, we riders can still play by the rules if we want thanks to this comprehensive catalog of Yamaha Viking tires, brakes, lights and other kits and parts. Whether you have already assembled the components you need to achieve homologation status and just need a light here or a mirror there, we will keep your back free. If you`re starting from scratch, we also have all-in-one kits designed to ensure compliance with multiple jurisdictions. By the way, if you want your Yamaha Viking to be legal on the road in California, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia or any other state, the first important step is to research the requirements as they vary slightly. The first stop of our tour of the best Yamaha Viking street catalog in the game is the very important theme of lighting. Regardless of the condition, it is very likely that you will need lights, an illuminated license plate and turn signals. Wouldn`t it be nice if you could get a set that offers all of this without spending hours on tedious wiring? Boom, it`s done. Then we have fire extinguishers and brackets for which we have provided several options so that you can mount them in different places while maintaining compliance. Mirrors are usually a must – and believe us when we say that we have a selection of fully improved aberrant mirrors, double axis and other versatile mirrors that will seriously exceed the stock. For license plate holders, parking brakes, stickers, signs and all the hardware you need to make your Yamaha Viking legal on the road, we`ve got you covered.

You will get the complete kit with all the issues solved for you, just follow the detailed/illustrated instructions and have a high quality professional installation. This kit is just part of what you need to be “Street Legal” to check your local regulations for specific requirements in your area. Off-road vehicle conversion is not legal in all states. Check local laws before purchasing this product. Kit Details: The kit uses the standard taillight sets as signals for a clean factory appearance. Combined indicator and horn switch mounted on the steering column. LED FRONT turn signals – bright orange when turned on. Electronic Flasher – 114 dB HornHorn button located at the end of the turn signal switch shaftSilly light mounted on the control panel – White LED license plate light – License plate mounting materialComplete cable holes cut to the exact length with factory connectors. All necessary hardware, metal fasteners and connectorsDetailed installation guide ⚠ / illustrated From California Proposition 65 Warning ⚠: This product may contain a chemical that the State of California knows causes cancer or birth defects or other reproductive damage.

The Ryco Motorsports turn signal and horn kit for all Yamaha Viking models. All components are manufactured of the highest quality and highest finish and easy installation.