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Musica Ta Legal Eu Aceito O Argumento

The song was released in 1975 and talks about the poor characterization of samba in terms of rhythm and instrumental. Take a look: “Okay okay, I accept the argument But don`t change my samba so much Show that guys miss A flea, tambourine or tambourine Without prejudice or mania of the past Without wanting to be on the side of those who do not want to sail Do it like an old sailor who takes the boat slowly during the fog”. It`s legal, I accept the argumentBut I don`t change the samba so much that the guys lack a chip, a tambourine or a tambourine By this time, bossa nova – a genre defined as a strand of samba – had already broken out for two decades. At the same time, the artist Benito di Paula was a samba played on the piano. In 1973, two years before Paulinho`s composition, “Retalhos De Satin” was released and was one of Benito`s greatest hits. Access exclusive benefits in the app and on the website The best songs to play and love on Children`s Day Did you find any errors in the lyrics? Please send a correction > Marisa Monte and Paulinho da Viola will make special shows in Rio, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte Faça like an old sailorWho during the fogTakes the boat slowly Without prejudice or mania of the pastWithout wanting to be on the side of those who do not want to sail Paulinho, on the other hand, never said that he wrote his samba for Benito. Given the context of the 1970s, the sambista clearly questioned what samba really was, after so many protests that defined themselves as a branch of the genre, but without blaming anyone. Nevertheless, Benito also begins “Não Me Importa Nada”, a song that seemed to reciprocate Paulinho`s opinions to the rhythm of the carnival. “I don`t have time anymore, I`ve lost my sleep I don`t care, I`m leaving you I don`t have time, I lost my sleep I don`t care about anything, I`m leaving you I`m bored You`re bored You don`t even get lost, lost in time It`s full of wind Do something, Let`s look at the green meadow, It`s yours, boy! » Access over 500 music lessons and get Cifra Club PRO for free Discover the intrigues that will bring Rio schools to the avenue on this second day of parades Listen to “Spiral of Illusion”, Criolo`s new album in full! Life, career and activism: In John Lennon`s biography, Paulinho was rumored to have referred to the song. “I`ve been rehearsing my samba all year I bought deaf and tambourine I spent everything on costumes It was exactly what I wanted And she vowed to parade for me, My school was so beautiful It was all I wanted to see, In satin patchwork, I slept all year And she vowed to march for me But the carnival came And she didn`t shoot, I cried on the avenue, I cried, I didn`t think I was lying to the cabrocha I loved so much. Who is Aline Barros? Meet the singer who changed the national gospel In the world of samba, there are several controversies among composers. Although disagreements are not always proven by their protagonists, the public continues to speculate.

This is exactly what happened with Paulinho da Viola`s “argument”.