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Steps for Business Registration

They can create a website, hire employees, and do business directly by absorbing the profits from their businesses as personal income. There is no legal entity under this Agreement. The company is inextricably linked to its owners. At this point, your company name is protected by law and no other state company can use it. However, you may not want to use your company`s legal name. Most states require you to add a suffix to your company`s legal name — also known as an entity name or registered business name — indicating the type of business structure. For example, a corporation must add “Inc.” or “Incorporation”. An LLC, on the other hand, must add “LLC”, “Limited Liability Company” or other authorized title. Not all companies are required to register with the State. Sole proprietors and business partners can start a business and operate for years without registering a business entity. Each step of registering a business requires you to review your options, complete and submit the required forms, and then pay the filing and registration fees. If the structure, assets and activities of your business are not simple, you will need the advice of an accountant and a lawyer to register a business. It is the simplest and most common trade agreement.

However, as businesses grow, it makes sense to start a business unit by registering with the state. Once you`ve chosen the business structure that`s best for you, you need to choose a location. This doesn`t mean your business has to have a physical location. When it comes to registering your business, this is the address you use for tax returns, obtaining important documents from government agencies, or your business bank account. The structure that offers the best tax benefit for your business depends on your particular situation. In general, it is advisable to consult a tax advisor to evaluate your options. Running a business isn`t an easy task, but Square is here to help. We have all the tools you need to start, operate, and grow your business, whether you`re selling in person, online, or both. And we`ve designed all of our tools to work together as one system, saving you time and money and making decisions easier.

So you can get back to the job you love and focus on what`s next. Learn how Square works. So you decided to start a business. Now it`s time to record it. The process of registering a business is different depending on the type of operation you are starting, its size, and the state you live in. Below, we explain the basics of registering your business. But remember, Square doesn`t offer legal or tax advice, and this article isn`t a substitute for advice from a lawyer or accountant. You must submit a simple form to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your business. This is the business equivalent of a Social Security number to identify your business for federal tax purposes. Laws and the registration process for sole proprietors, LLCs, corporations, and partnerships vary from state to state.

If you`re stuck, the IRS is a good place to start. C-Corp: This structure makes your company separate from the owners (shareholders). This means that the company can be taxed, make a profit, or be held legally liable for its shares separately and separately from shareholders. For this reason, this structure offers the greatest protection for an owner`s personal property. Since the IRS generally considers a C-Corp to be a separate entity for tax purposes, it is possible to be taxed twice: once when the C-Corp makes a profit and once when dividends are paid to shareholders. If your company collects sales tax from customers or has employees, you must obtain tax records from the states where you do business and where your employees reside. You will need to check with your state if a tax identification number is required. Please note that additional information may be required. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a temporary business tax registration certificate or registration number. A permanent business tax registration certificate will be sent within 4-6 weeks. In most cases, you automatically register your business name when you file registration documents with the state. Search your state`s name database to make sure the name is not already registered.

Then, submit a name registration form and pay all registration fees. The following factors can help you decide where to register your business: The documents for LLC registration are similar. To form an LLC, you usually need to file a regulation with the Secretary of State with all the required documents. Once you`ve registered your business and cleared the paperwork, you can focus on the fun part of your job: spreading the word and providing great service. Most government websites have vibrant business centers that direct you to the forms and resources you need to register your business. Image Source: Author In addition to the above steps, you need to purchase a domain name to register a business for ecommerce. This is your business URL, the web address you send customers to. Limited liability company (LLC): This business structure allows the business owner to protect personal assets from the company`s liabilities. The profits and losses of an LLC are generally taxed as personal income or loss for members. Registering your business requires a bit of research and paperwork, but it`s something you can handle yourself.

You don`t need to start your business in the state you`re in. Many companies choose to locate in Delaware because of its very business-friendly legal and regulatory environment. The application for a permanent contract is relatively simple. Typically, you submit documents to your county clerk`s office. Once a DBA is approved, it is usually published in a local journal. It is also important to know that multiple companies can use the same database administrator. Learn more about registering DBAs. Square`s editorial team is dedicated to telling business stories for business owners. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and shares a passion for providing information that helps businesses start, operate and grow. The team is based in San Francisco, but has employees across the country. Once all federal registrations are complete, you`ll likely need to register your business with one or more agencies in your state or local government, such as tax offices.

If you plan to do payroll, you may also need to register with your state agency to file payroll taxes. Registration documents and submission instructions are available on your Secretary of State`s website or head office. Image Source: Author Sole proprietorship: This is the standard business structure. If you never choose a business structure, but operate your business, you are considered a sole proprietorship. In a sole proprietorship, your personal and business assets and liabilities are not separated. You can also hire lawyers or compliance firms to manage business registration for you if you prefer to devote your time and energy to completing the aspects of running your business. As your business grows, you may also need to register to do business in states other than your home state – a process known as foreign qualification.