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Metra Legal Department

To contact one of Metra`s FOIA agents, please email FOIA@metrarr.com, call 312-663-FOIA (3642) or mail them to: Metra`s efforts to reform and modernize the ministry began in October 2012 when a consultant was hired to conduct an assessment of the ministry`s operations and capabilities and to help adopt best practices for the public sector Rail Safety. Two years later, the report contained a long list of recommendations, and Metra hired Joseph Perez as the new leader to lead their adoption. (312) 322-7233 or by email safetyreporting@metrarr.com (Please do not use this email address in a police emergency. Use the contacts above.) Are you interested in joining the Metra Police Department? Email us at joinmetrapolice@metrarr.com Ms. Rosen was appointed General Counsel of Metra by the Board of Directors in February 2014. In this role, she leads Metra`s legal department, which provides legal advice and support to Metra`s Board of Directors, management team and employees. The Metra Police Service is a professional force of over 140 sworn officers and civilian support staff responsible for the safety of Metra passengers, employees, equipment, shipyards, railway stations and other Metra property. Metra police perform a variety of tasks, ranging from civil complaints to criminal activity. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Finance) from the University of Miami and a Juris Doctor from the Illinois Institute of Technology – Kent College of Law. Metra`s lost property offices are located near or near the ticketing areas in the downtown terminals for each line.

We encourage people looking for lost items to stop by the offices to see if their items have been found. You can also call the office at the terminal in the city center used by your line. Metra and its rail service providers are not responsible for items left on trains or stations. Lord. Milano was appointed Deputy Executive Director for Administration in February 2015. In this role, he is responsible for planning, developing, organizing and managing Metra`s administrative activities. Lawsuits and Litigation, Housing and Construction Defects, Construction Contracts, Construction Privileges, Insurance As Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Metra, Mr. Derwinski will oversee and lead all areas of Metra`s operations and administration to ensure Metra achieves its vision, mission, objectives and objectives. Customer service is an integral part of My Metra. We`re here to help. To contact us regarding a question, customer service complaint, service issue or other issue, please use the form below.

If you have a complaint, please provide relevant information about the line, train and/or station you used, the date and time of the problem and, if known, the name or description of the Metra employee involved. Any detailed information you may provide will be helpful in addressing your inquiry/concern. Divorce and family law, divorce, family law, custody, child support accident and injury, personal injury, car accident, workers` compensation, wrongful homicide Mr. McCann became Chief Operating Officer of Metra in July 2021. As Chief Operating Officer, he leads all aspects of S-Bahn operations: transportation, mechanics, engineering, positive train control, safety, rules, regulatory compliance, environmental compliance, operational training, T&E training and certification. The following documents may be made available to the public by contacting the parties listed below without the need to submit a formal request for documentation to Metra`s Access to Information Officer: Accessibility complaint form Formulario de quejas de la ADA Formularz skargi ADA A full-time detective service (including internal investigations) and a new train protection unit have been created. whose main task is to patrol trains. The unit has already operated more than 7,000 trains this year, twice as many as last year.

There is no charge for a paper copy of the first 50 pages (black and white) of the requested documents; After that, there is a fee of 15 cents per page. Additional charges may apply for colour copies, unusually sized copies, or copies of documents in electronic form that require special media (e.g. CD or DVD). There is no charge for copies of documents in electronic form that can be made via a simple email. Wife. Thomas was appointed Deputy Executive Director of Foreign Affairs in March 2022. Her responsibilities include acting as an effective communicator, strategic advisor and planner to the CEO. She oversees the implementation of capital projects, special projects and key initiatives, solving complex issues that require leadership. Chief Perez, a 28-year decorated veteran of the Illinois State Police Department with a diverse track record, was hired in May 2014 to serve as chief of the Metra Police Department and lead its transformation into a modern, efficient and effective force.

Metra is always looking for talented people who can succeed in a challenging and fast-paced industry. Our most important resource is a dedicated and diverse team that brings together a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience. Be part of the Metra team and become an important part of one of the country`s leading commuter railways. You will find information on tasks, responsibilities and minimum acceptable qualifications in our vacancy list. Regular training on criminal and traffic law, accident reconstruction, firearms and even a 12-week field training program around Metra, including train operations, procedures, geography and customer service, have been introduced. On-the-job training for all officers includes recertification of firearms and Taser, defensive tactics, rapid deployment and deployment of force decisions using an interactive simulator equipped with enhanced laser training weapons.

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