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When Will Sports Betting Be Legal in Missouri

State-regulated sports betting is not yet legally permitted. Nevertheless, offshore sports betting is available for MO residents who want to bet comfortably in their state without breaking any laws. The offshore sports bets recommended on this site have been selected for their high-quality offers, payment speed and security. If sports betting is legalized in Missouri, it will likely come with an age requirement of 21 or older. A statutory betting law will have to wait until 2023 as lawmakers instead try to find tax breaks and farm tax credits. Later that week, Senator Hoskins shut down two sports betting bills that contradicted his views, pronouncing a four-hour filibuster in front of a barely packed Senate chamber. Ultimately, the biggest promoter of sports betting in Missouri over the years was the biggest hurdle of all, largely due to the fact that the proposed initiatives didn`t affect the video lottery terminals Hoskins wanted. In exchange for crushing the bills, Hoskins proposed to the House 153 additional amendments — one for every million dollars in tax revenue that he said would be lost to the state if sports betting were legalized without the implementation of video lottery terminals. On March 13, 2018, a few weeks after each of the above bills seemed a bit stalled, lawmakers added new sports betting language to Senate Bill 767, a pre-existing bill focused on video games. The amended bill outlined how existing casinos would deal with sports betting, including the implementation of retail books at these locations. The bill also outlines the application process for those seeking a licence. If passed, SB767 would include a $10,000 filing fee, an annual renewal fee of $5,000 and the same 12% tax rate, as well as the 2% administrative fee mentioned in the aforementioned Comprehensive Missouri Sports Betting and Sports Protection Act.

The journey to legalize sports betting in Missouri officially began on January 29, 2018, when House Bill 2320 was introduced by Rep. Bart Korman in the state`s 99th General Assembly. The main purpose of the bill was to stimulate discussion about legal sports betting in Missouri, as it would “empower the Missouri Gaming Commission to establish standards and procedures for sports betting” in the state if passed. Missouri has five professional teams (baseball, football and soccer) and only a handful of D1 college teams. The latest addition to MO`s professional teams will be St. Louis City SC, which will play its first MLS season in 2023. Senator Hoskins immediately voiced concerns about the supergroup`s plans, as the longtime sportsbook supporter continued to push for video lottery terminals in the state, which many others denied. Missourians will likely be inundated with options when legal sports betting arrives, making the selection process all the more critical.

Consider sign-up bonuses, odds prices, supported banking methods, and the appearance of each bookmaker before you start. Use the table below to quickly reference everything related to Missouri sports betting: Missouri resident bettors have been waiting endlessly for laws that would bring state-regulated sports betting to the region. Despite this, the 2022 session was adjourned without any progress on legal MO sports betting. Eleven separate bills related to sports betting in Missouri were introduced and died shortly thereafter. Sporting Kansas City was founded in 1995 by Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt and is one of the original ten clubs in Major League Soccer. Previously known as the Kansas City Wizards from 1995 to 2010, the franchise was rebranded in November 2010 to go with its new home, Children`s Mercy Park, which opened in 2011. Sporting KC has two MLS Cup titles to its credit, the first against Chicago Fire in 2000 as the Wizards and the second in 2013 against Real Salt Lake. Despite the administrative offices in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, the team`s clubhouse, training facilities, and stadium are all located in Kansas City, Kansas, making Sporting KC the only major professional sports organization playing in the state of Kansas. A major point of contention in the last session was what to do with video lottery games such as slots. The legislator calls them “grey” machines.

These slots do not contain consumer protection and can say that someone wins two times out of 100, but there are no laws that regulate this.

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